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Larry McCormick – Today Is The Day – Ambient Album CDr

This is out now!

Larry McCormick shows another side with this ambient album. The follow up to Intelectro & Genesis is an ambient journey, unlike anything you have heard from Larry thus far.

This is limited to 50 CDr copies. Each one is numbered and signed.



life of dreams
what i thought would always be never was. i was told you cant live in dreams.

sometimes you awaken to find out your life is not the same as when you fell asleep.

what is reality
not everything you see or hear is the truth no matter how real it seems.

truth revealed
it was right there in front of me the whole time yet i refused to believe it completely.

close to the end
at the moment of truth it appeared it would be easier to give up then fight any longer.

total control
the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders and freedom was in front of me.

enter the spirit
i left this place and entered the spirit world where i was given a choice to stay or return.

the edge
enter the darkness or enter the light. the choice is yours.

1000 angels carried me back to earth as i chose to live another day.

the journey back is a very difficult one. you must fight to come back.

human again
its like being born again but coming back as yourself given a second chance.

live for tomorrow
look towards tomorrow because you never know what it may bring.