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Exzakt Apprenticeship

This will only be available to one Candidate a month

  • This will only be available to those that qualify
  • Qualifications requirements: Must already have multiple releases
  • Direct contact and Apprenticeship with Exzakt for a specific project such as an EP or Album (We will determine before start of project)
  • This will include advice and insight into the music industry and assistance in learning all aspects such as business/marketing/label owner/A&R etc
  • Exzakt will be a collaborator on your tracks for 30 days (Ongoing if the main project runs longer)
  • Mixdown & Production Assistance + Mastering Included. Video/Phone Feedback Included
  •  We will give you maximum help to get released on a top-tier platform including guaranteed release on Monotone or Future Electro labels
  • Multiple Track feedback & Real-time evaluation from Exzakt via Soundcloud Link
  • Regular via Phone/Email  hours from Exzakt directly
  • Get honest, valuable feedback from a 20+ year industry veteran
  • Exzakt will help hand select tracks that have the most potential for strong releases
  • Phone Video Add-On Included