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Exzakt – Electrology 12″ – MON018 [SOLD OUT]

Exzakt is back strong with the first vinyl EP on Monotone since 2007. Autographed and numbered by Exzakt. Limited to 50 copies.
A1. Madrid Nights
A2. Escape – 214 Remix
A3. Me & My 808
B1. Love Hate


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Exzakt’s first vinyl EP on Monotone since 2007 is a collection of various tracks that have not been on vinyl. These tracks were hand selected by fans out of 17 tunes to chose from. First we have Madrid Nights which has only been heard in Exzakt DJ sets and was a fan favorite that has often been requested for release but has not until now. This song is a deep look into Exzakt’s progression in his sound. This track explores many emotions through ever-changing soundscapes. A2 is an excellent remix of Larry McCormick’s Escape track which originally released on Datapunk in 2004. 214 completely dismantles the parts to make a unique composition that turns into a journey and it is perfectly fit for a proper vinyl release. The B starts with an Exzakt Classic that from the start screams to be heard on wax. Me & My 808 is a heavy, ripping tune that will service any dance floor. Last is an emotional piece that you can tell from the title, Love Hate. Again Exzakt goes deep on this one but still keeps the beat pumping like his tracks often do. This is another solid Exzakt Record that should be in any Electro Collectors record box.

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