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EvolveD Album Download – Will contain the new Exzakt:EvolveD album
Exzakt:EvolveD CD – Will contain the new Exzakt:EvolveD album with two bonus tracks not on Digital
Electrology Part I – 12″ Vinyl Probably the most exciting perk where the fans that purchase certain perks will vote on the 4 Exzakt unreleased tracks never on vinyl. Voting will be completed at end of campaign.
Exzakt:EvolveD 2×12″ vinyl LP This will contain the Exzakt:EvolveD album tracks. This is going to be a first where an entire Exzakt album will be on a beautiful double vinyl set. Potentially will be colored vinyl and full-color gatefold jacket.
Electrology Selected Works USB This is the regular Electrology USB that contains Exzakt’s Complete Discography of 20 years. This includes all his original songs, remixes for and remixes of Exzakt only. All tracks are in 320 MP3 format. This is a black or silver USB. *See list below to find out which tracks are on this USB.
Electrology Complete Works USB This is the extended Electrology USB that contains Exzakt’s Complete Discography of 20 years. This includes all his original songs, remixes for and VIP’s by Exzakt, Larry McCormick, Netzwerk Florida, Resident Alien etc. This USB has all tracks in 16-bit WAV format which is CD quality audio. This is a silver USB with a collectors edition box. *See list below to find out which tracks are on this USB.
Electrology Ultimate Works USB Contains Exzakt entire discography, early mixtape DJ mixes, early demo tracks & Exzakt Sample and Sound Library including stems to some of his most well-known works. High-quality WAV file format. USB has L.E.D. and lights up when you are using it. *See list below to find out which tracks are on this USB.
Exzakt Electrology Box Set The ULTIMATE Exzakt box set. Out of press vintage Exzakt titles plus his newest vinyl releases. Comes with new EvolveD vinyl & CD, Exzakt Electrology 12″, Exzakt Complete Works USB with entire discography, 22 vinyl records, 4 CDs, 3 stickers. Only 6 total made. Numbered and autographed with your name on box cover. Message to find out full contents. *See the list below to find out full contents of this box

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Exzakt USB contents. Please read carefully to see the content of each Stick.

All USB’s will come with a digital download of Exzakt:EvolveD when it is complete.

*Selected Works USB MP3 – 320 Format
+Complete Works USB – .WAV file format / CD Quality
Ultimate Works USB HAS everything listed below as WAV files

Exzakt Originals
Evolve Into The Future *+
Musik Is The Drug *+
Sleeping With The Enemy *+
Outside Looking In *+
Electronic Dream *+
Off Course *+
Alone In This World *+
Dark Mind *+
Clarity *+
The Future Of Electro *+
Voxbox *+
Dope Fiend *+
Second Wave *+
Sub.sonic Base *+
City Of Bass *+
Citi Of Bass *+
Speaker Breaker *+
Speaker Breaka *+
End Of The Pain *+
Amerika *+
Increase The Pressure *+
Transfusion *+
Off Course *+
FutureShock *+
Amerika *+
Last Train Out *+
Last Train Dub *+
No Disco *+
No Disco Bonus Beats *+
More Bounce To The Ounce *+
Hoes In Hotels *+
Feel The Heat *+
Dont Forget Your Equipment *+
Me & My 808 *+
Calling All Freaks *+
My Heart Is In Miami *+
Mind Over Matter *+
Lost Soul *+
Analog Digital *+
Electro Schematic *+
Unknown 808 *+
Night Ride *+
The End *+
Beat Box *+
Escape *+
Escape Redux *+
Feeling *+
Start The Party *+
The Party Is Not Over *+
The Party Dub *+
Interground *+
Kreep *+

Larry McCormick Originals
Taking Over The System +
Escape +
Escape Redux +
No Disco +
Banger +
Vibes +
Rocker +
Ride Low +
Cut To Bleed +
Here We Go Again +
Root Code +
She Makes Everything Better +
Ultraviolence +
Show The Way +
One Step Ahead +
The Only Constant Is Change +

Exzakt Full Length Albums & DJ Mixes (Continuous Mix)
Evolve *+
Alpha_Omega *+
Lust.Love.Electro *+
Exzakt Science *+
Electro Breakz Volume 6 *+

Remixes By Exzakt
Si Begg – Not Without You – Larry McCormick Remix *+
Transparent Sound – No Call From New York – Larry McCormick Remix *+
Boris Divider – Extincion Humana – Larry McCormick Remix *+
Anthony Rother – Biomechanik – Larry McCormick Remix *+
Dj Snowman – Waves (Exzakt Remix) *+
Decal – Burn From The Inside (Exzakt Remix) *+
Freddy Fresh – Black Out (Exzakt Remix) *+
Imatran Voima – Techno Slut (Exzakt vs. Dynamik Bass System Mix) *+
214 – EyeThought (Exzakt Remix) *+ Unn – Hidden Note (Exzakt Remix) *+
Supreme.Ja – The Darkside (Exzakt Remix) *+
Supreme.Ja – The Darkside (Exzakt Bonus Beat) *+
BFX – Alone (Exzakt Remix) *+
New World Order – Body Machine (Exzakt & Sinistar Remix) *+
Leæther Strip – Invade My Body (Exzakt & Rubberdoll Remix) *+
Code Rising – Steppin Back (Exzakt Remix) *+

Remixes of Exzakt
Musik Is The Drug (B.L.I.M. Remix) *+
Musik Is The Drug (Uprock Remix) *+
Musik Is The Drug (Kinesthetic Remix) *+
Second Wave (Tipper Remix) *+
Second Wave (Imatran Voima Remix) *+
Second Wave (Uprock Remix) *+
Sub.Sonic Base (EMS Remix) *+
Take Another Hit (Sinistar Remix) *+
Welcome To Miami (Shade Vs Exzakt Remix) *+
Mein Herz Ist In Miami (N-Ter Remix) *+
No Disco (Debonaire Remix) *+
Clarity (Hydraulix Remix) *+
Dark Mind (Boris Divider Remix) *+
Transfusion (Dexorcist Remix) *+
Sleeping With The Enemy (Alpha 606 Remix) *+
Clarity (Lethal Agent Remix) *+
Musik Is The Drug (Evo Remix) *+
Dark Mind (Kounterakt Remix) *+
Sleeping With The Enemy (The H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy Remix) *+
Sleeping With The Enemy (Doc Nasty Remix) *+
Sleeping With The Enemy (TEST Remix) *+
Clarity (Computron Remix) *+
No Disco (Evo’s Street Sounds Mix) *+
Speaker Breaka (Dynamik Bass System Remix) *+
Speaker Breaka (Lethal Agent vs. Kounterakt Remix) *+
Speaker Breaka (D.O.H. Remix) *+
Speaker Breaka (Anthony Nuzzo Remix) *+
Citi Of Bass (Freak Force Crew Remix) *+
Escape (214 Remix) *+
Escape (Code Rising Remix) *+
No Disco (Analog To Future Remix) *+
No Disco (Evo Remix) *+
No Disco (Kinesthetic Remix) *+
No Disco (Ruxpin Remix) *+
No Disco (The .H.A.V.O.K. Conspiracy Remix) *+
No Disco (Shadowbunny Remix) *+
I Am The Enemy (Evo Remix) *+
Futureshock (N-Ter Remix) *+
Futureshock (Xed Remix) *+
Deconstructed Megamix (Evo Remix) *+
Sub.Sonic Base – AudioBotz Remix  *+

Collaborations / Aliases
Foundation – We Bring It Back +
Resident Alien – Alienation +
Resident Alien – Radio Killer +
Resident Alien – Alien Sounds +
Resident Alien – Multi-Effects +
Resident Alien – Movement Through Thought +
Resident Alien – Machine Vs Man +
Resident Alien – Data Edit +
Resident Alien – Signal Loss +
Netzwerk Florida – Netzwerk Florida +
Netzwerk Florida – Earth. Wind. Fire/ +
Netzwerk Florida – Earth. Wind. Fire/ Instrumental +
Debonaire & Exzakt – Ignition… Full Thrust +
Debonaire & Exzakt – Final Ignition +
Exzakt & Uprokk – Dope Fiend +
Hyde Vs. Exzakt I Am The Enemy +
Exzakt & Evo – Your Past Your Future +
Exzakt & Code Rising- We Are The Icon +
Exzakt & Evo – Dark Sides +
Exzakt & Kinesthetic – Above +
Exzakt & Evo – Survive The Grid +
Exzakt & Evo – Survive The Grid (Video Edit) +
New World Order – Body Machine +

Front 242 – Headhunter (Exzakt Remix) +
Dave Clarke Featuring Chicks On Speed – What Was Her Name? (Exzakts VIP Mix)  +
M.I.A. – 10 Dollar (Exzakt Remix)
Opus 3 – It’s A Fine Day (Exzakt Remix)  +
Baby D – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Exzakt Remix) +
Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds (Exzakt Remix) +
Nine Inch Nails – The Hand That Feeds (Exzakt Remix Dub) +
Nine Inch Nails – Only (Exzakt Remix) Nine Inch Nails – Only (Exzakt Remix Dub) +
Far East Movement – Like A G6 (Exzakt Remix)
Zombie Nation – Kernkraft 400 (Exzakt Remix) +
The Hacker & Miss Kitten – 1982 (Larry McCormick Remix)
Tiefschwarz – Warning Siren (Larry McComick Remix) +
Tiefschwarz – Warning Siren (Larry McCormick Remix Dub) +

Ultimate Works USB Exclusives Below
Exzakt – Methods (Unreleased Exzakt tracks from unfinished Studio Album)
Love Hate
Madrid Nights
One Of These Days
Broken Speaker

Stems from Exzakt Tracks
City Of Bass
Dark Mind
Me & My 808
Musik Is The Drug
No Disco
Second Wave
Sleeping With The Enemy
Speaker Breaka
Sub.Sonic Base

Exzakt Sound Library with 100’s of Exzakt’s early drum samples, sounds, melodies, vocals etc. 

This is the end of the USB Content – Below is a seperate perk 

Exzakt Electrology Ultimate Exzakt Box Set 
Exzakt:EvolveD 2×12″ vinyl LP
Exzakt – Electrology Part I – 12″
Exzakt – Electrology Complete Works USB
MonoTrax Volume 1 featuring Exzakt – Kreep (New unreleased Track) – 12″
Exzakt – Clarity – Lethal Agent Remix from Rogue Resistance 12″
Boris Divider – L.H.D.M – Larry McCormick Remix 12″
Exzakt – Second Wave Remixes – Featuring Tipper, EMS, Imatran Voima & Uprock – Satamile 12″
Exzakt – Repressed – MON000 [Colored Vinyl] 12″
Reworked And Remixed featuring Alpha 606, Boris Divider, Dexorcist, & Hydaulix MON 006 – 12”
Futureshock – XCL006 – 12”
Imatran Voima – In Out Techno Slut – MON 009 [White Label] 12″
Electro Endeavors Volume 1 – 12” – BFP [Final Copies] 12″
Electro Endeavors Volume 2 – 2×12” – BFP [Final Copies] 12″
Bass Academy Volume 3 featuring Exzakt 12”
Larry McCormick – Intelectro EP 12”
Larry McCormick – Genesis LP 12”
BFX – Alone – Exzakt Remix 12” [Final Copies]
Exzakt – Speaker Breaka – MON 011 – 12”
Foundation – Bring It Back – XCL003 – 12”
Supreme Ja – Dark Side – Exzakt Remixes – XCL00412”
Metaminds [Exzakt] – From The Outside Looking In [Final Copies] XCL001 – 12”
Nine Inch Nails – Exzakt Remixes 12”
Monotone Compilation Part 1 – Lust – Various Artists 12”
Electro Endeavors CD
Larry McCormick – Intelectro Album CD
Lust Love Electro CD
Exzakt Logo Sticker
Monotone Logo Sticker
I Love Electro Sticker

Box is numbered, certified and you have the option of it signed by Exzakt and your name on the cover of the box.

Exzakt’s V.I.P. Secret Bundle
This is for the V.I.P.’s that want a taste of it all. Everything autographed and numbered by Exzakt personally.
Comes with Exzakt:Evolved 2×12″, Exzakt Ultimate Works USB, Electrology Part I – 12″, Exzakt:EvolveD CD, EvolveD Album Download, Thanks in the EvolveD Credits, Exzakt Logo Sticker